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The best story of Jesus ever told

Avia Sky
4 min readApr 11, 2021


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Easter Sunday I came across an ad for a series called “The Chosen”. I had been flipping through Christian and Easter related films on my various streaming platforms all weekend, but none of them captured my attention. Not to be disrespectful, but most of them are dry and a struggle to keep my attention, or I have seen them many times before.

I was looking for something fresh and new.

I came across an advertisement for this show on Facebook. I clicked and began watching the trailer. I was instantly hooked. I binged the first season in two days, and have since watched it two more times.

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After watching all the available episodes, I thirsted for more. I was inspired and filled with the Holy Spirit. I quickly searched out The Chosen Youtube Channel, App, and Instagram; bingeing all their content as well.

The Chosen truly brings the Gospels to life, and embodies the living breathing word of God. It combines intense emotion and history, while also humanizing Jesus Christ.

This show has not only deepened my faith, but has helped me understand what Jesus’s life, here on earth, really looked like. I have been reminded that God is ultimately in control, and everything on this earth was given to us from him.

I’m inspired to read my bible, live for God, and share the good news of Christ. I am changed after watching this show, and hope you will be too.

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Just like Jesus was different, so is this show.

This telling of Jesus is different in just about every way:

  • It’s the first ever series (TV show) about Jesus’s life
  • It’s story based as opposed to a documentary style film
  • The Chosen is not attached to any major media platform or TV station. It’s funded entirely through fundraising and…



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