How I Got Rid of My Dandruff in 2 Weeks By Accident

All the best inventions happened by accident

Avia Sky


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Ever since middle school, I have struggled with terrible dandruff, ESPECIALLY in the dry winter months. Even the smallest graze of my hair when cause a small trickle, of what looked liked snow flakes, fall from my head.

I was embarrassed and self conscious of my scalp. I avoided wearing dark colored shirts (that would show my dandruff flakes) at all costs. I tried all the dandruff shampoos, prescriptions, and creams, with only minimal relief.

I had given up hope on ever being dandruff free… until I stumbled upon the cure, completely by accident.

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After suffering significant hair loss due to a medication, I started researching ways to promote hair growth. I found dozens of articles on home remedies to promote hair growth/prevent hair loss. I decided to combine a few of the home remedies and create my own hair growth treatment.

Here’s what I did:

1.Combined coconut oil, castor oil, tea tree oil, and peppermint oil.

2. Used a small eye dropper to place the oil treatment throughout my scalp.

3. Massaged the oil into my scalp for several minutes.

4. Pulled my hair into a bun

5. Waited 2 hours

6. Washed the oil out in the shower

7. Repeated steps 1–6 for the next several hair washes

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Three treatments later and my dandruff was 95% gone. I was shocked! My had never felt cleaner or clearer. I run my hand through my hair and waited for the snow flakes…but nothing.. like seriously nothing fall from my head!

Originally looking for a hair thinning solution, I found a dandruff cure instead! If you struggle with dandruff or dry scalp, go ahead and give this a shot. You may just be amazed as I was!

Here’s to a dandruff free life!



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