To The Boy I Trusted To Not Break My Heart

What went wrong

Avia Sky
3 min readJan 28


EDIT: I drafted this over a year ago but I hope this can still help someone feel less alone.

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I miss when you would call me pretty,

Your compliments were always funny and witty.

I miss when you said I was cute,

Because lately that’s been on mute.

You are way more handsome than Kurt,

And you really knew how to flirt.

You are much sweeter then Ben,

And gave hugs that were a 10 out of 10.

All the romantic things you said are stuck in my mind,

Because I know that is hard to find.

The words you said to me are on repeat,

As I still take late night walks down my street.

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I never wanted to say goodbye,

Because I was still willing to try.

You don’t text me anymore,

Or send cute emoji’s like before.

You used to tell me I was sweet.

And that made my heart skip a beat.

I got butterflies when your name popped up on my phone,

But I guess that feeling was just on loan.

You don’t wish me good morning or goodnight,

Or kiss me under the moonlight.

When I’m by the water I think of you.

And all the things we used to do.

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I miss the way you held me tight,

And said you were willing to fight.

I miss when you would tell me about your day,

And ask if I was okay.

For a while I felt I could tell you anything,



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